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Aubusson carpets

China rug in the classic French Aubusson style


Aubusson rugs are expensive, hand-knotted traditional woolen rugs whose designs are technically hand-carved. Unlike the oriental Persian rugs, the carving highlights the main motifs that appear on the face of the rug.

History of traditional Aubusson carpets
The introduction of an Aubusson style rug occurred in and around the 16th century. It all started with weavers in France developing tapestries and wool carpets for the royal castles.

Each time a new ruler came to power, new patterns, designs and fashions were devised. They illustrated the way of life of that time.

Weavers made the Aubusson rug on horizontal looms. The hand-woven flatweave rugs are tightly woven from the finest semi-worsted wool or 100% New Zealand wool using the same traditional methods as the other rugs.

According to historians, the birthplace of hand-woven Aubusson rugs lies in the villages of Aubusson and Felletin in France.

Old Aubusson carpets

Antique Aubusson rugs, woven using the tapestry method, are among the most refined and richest antiques in the field of rugs. French Aubusson carpets are the carpets of the royal palaces.

Old Aubusson rugs are worth as much as, if not more than, traditional hand-knotted Persian rugs. How and why? Their cost is higher because carving the patterns by hand is more laborious and time-consuming.

How are patterned Aubusson carpets made?

Today, Chinese Aubusson rugs and French Aubusson rugs are both hand-woven and machine-made. These rugs are hand-carved, with a special focus on the characteristic features.

All of these sequences mark the uniqueness of Aubusson floral designs. You will also find such an appearance in traditional hand-knotted woven carpets.

Care and maintenance of Aubusson carpets

It's always good to remove the sand, dirt and pebbles that threaten these rugs and carpeted floors with regular vacuuming.

To avoid fading, you should always protect the carpet from direct sunlight.

If something is spilled on the carpet, make sure you always act quickly. Sponge out the discharge or imperfection of an Aubusson rug.

Never use any chemical containing items on the carpet as these will damage the dyes and colors forever. Wash the stained area with baking soda and wipe with a thick cotton cloth to absorb the dirt and liquid.

Lift the rug by placing a pad on the side of the flooded rug to air dry. Avoid using a heater or air dryer to dry the carpet quickly. Rapid drying leads to discoloration and damage to the seat of the fibres.

Classic traditional Aubusson rug

Classic traditional Aubusson rugs are very classic, elegant and soft to the touch. They are usually knotted higher to achieve better loft and thickness.

Their pile will bulge out beautifully after about a year on the ground. The appearance gives the rug an authentic Aubusson dimensional image.

A traditional Aubusson rug is beautiful and eye-catching.

Almost all carpet manufacturers use bold and deep colors to create masterpieces of this type and the product is of great value.

The traditional Aubusson carpets define history, art and tradition. The rug conveys a sense of value and a fashionable articulation in the establishment of the interior design concept.

Aubusson's hand-knotted Persian rugs are unique, which makes them essential for homes with a contemporary or trendy look. Aubusson rugs come in a variety of patterns, e.g. B. with bold medallions and geometric shapes.

These meticulously woven rugs are made from very dense wool hair and are often tightly knotted. These rugs are undoubtedly very durable.

Aubusson Classique Hand-knotted rugs made from pure wool and silk

First, let's talk about the carpets made of silk. The hand-knotted silk Aubusson rug is an expensive rug. This type of carpet is considered to be one of the most sumptuous and highest quality carpets in the world. The use of silk in carpets allows the properties to be corrected and provide a fantastic shine. It undoubtedly gives an insight into the character of the carpet. They have numerous details with a high knot density.


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