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Carpets with silk

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There is nothing more beautiful than a handmade silk rug. That is why we prefer to present silk rugs separately from other rugs. One of the aspects that makes silk rugs so detailed is the fine thread, which allows the silk weavers to create an extremely detailed rug. All designs are fully planned and every element of the design is carefully crafted before the piece is made. Among the most valuable silk carpets are the Persian Qum, which are made from silk on a silk base. These rugs are highly sought after for the quality and complexity of their design, with knot counts ranging from 250 to 1000 knots per square inch.

One of the main reasons silk rugs are more expensive is the extra time it takes to knot them. Since silk is much finer than wool, the number of knots in a hand-knotted silk rug is often three to four times that of a hand-knotted wool rug or similar rug. A nicer yarn like silk means a rug can have a lot more detail than a wool rug and this is also why silk rugs are much more luxurious.

In recent years we can find fabulous handmade silk carpets in Kashmir, often made on a silk base. These rugs are often more affordable than the traditional Persian Qum and we believe their quality is very similar.

Also note that our photos in this section are taken from both ends of the silk carpet. You might think that some of the pieces we are showing you are two different rugs because the difference is striking.

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