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Oversized rugs

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Oversized rugs
What is an oversized rug?
One speaks of oversized carpets, so-called XXL carpets, if they exceed a width of 2,30 m. Depending on the room size, these large rugs tend to fill the space. In large rooms where there is still space between the carpet and the walls, it is good to put the giants in the middle of the room. All the furniture that would otherwise stand around it can simply be draped in the middle of the rug with XXL rugs. In alcoves, like a dining room, oversized rugs also look great when placed wall to wall. The whole thing then looks like a self-contained area. You can take advantage of this effect if you combine the living and dining room into one room. Each living area then appears independent.

Large selection of XXL carpets
Our large carpets are available with or without pile, with or without pattern, colored or plain. In other words: there is a suitable carpet for every taste. It is important that the carpet matches the interior. A rug can be used as a statement.
The larger the carpet, the more impressive it will look in your own four walls. Because of their size, XXL carpets are often referred to as “carpet islands”. When placed in the middle of a room, these giants look like islands emerging from the deep blue waters of the oceans.

Choose the right rug size
Especially in large living rooms, the size of the rug can be expansive. Small carpets in large rooms quickly appear lost. And if you have room for too many rugs, anything can come out too. You can place entire groups of sofas on lush carpets and create even more coziness. The ideal size of a carpet is individual. The size of the carpet also varies depending on the room and its size.

Ideally, you should measure the available space after properly draping the existing furniture. This will give you a better sense of the space and a sense of how far the new rug giant should or must reach.

Large carpets enhance rooms
Floors that are showing signs of heavy wear or are uneven after removing an old carpet can be refined in this way. Just put a big rug on the floor. An oversized carpet is an excellent choice for this. Due to the large area covered by the carpets, the giants create a new atmosphere. It is best to determine the perfect size of your new carpet yourself.

We offer a number of different sizes in our CarpetCenter24 range. We offer a large number of our square rugs with a maximum size of 300 x 400 cm. With a large number of round rugs you will find beautiful examples in all imaginable colors and materials with a maximum diameter of 200 cm.

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