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Persian carpet Yazd & Ardekan

Yazd (Persian: یزد [jæzd] (listen)), formerly known as Yezd, is the capital of the Iranian province of Yazd. The city is 270 km (170 miles) southeast of Isfahan. At the 2016 census, the population was 1.138.533. Since 2017, the historical city of Yazd has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Yazd has a unique Persian architecture due to generations of adaptations to its desert environment. Due to its many examples, it is nicknamed the "City of Wind Chasers" (شهر بادگیرها Shahr-e Badgirha). It is also known for its Zoroastrian fire temples, ab anbars (cisterns), qanats (culverts), yakhchals (coolers), Persian handicrafts, handwoven fabrics (Persian termeh), silk weaving, Persian cotton candy and those of the time - venerable confectioneries. Yazd is also known as the City of Bicycles due to its ancient history of cyclists and having the highest number of bicycles per capita in Iran. The cycling culture in Iran is reported to have emerged in Yazd as a result of contact with European visitors and tourists over the past century.

Yazd rugs are knotted with asymmetrical Persian knots and have a lower knot density than Isfahan or Nain rugs. However, they are softer and more cuddly than these.

Some Yazd rugs resemble Kerman rugs with an all-over design, while others resemble Keshan rugs with a central medallion. And few have anything in common with both models. There is a wide range of different designs and colors that should suit every need. Find the Yazd carpet of your dreams in our online shop for Persian carpets.

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