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Ziegler carpets: from Persian motifs to modern styles

For almost 150 years, Ziegler carpets have been delighting culture-conscious people all over the world. Ziegler rugs come in many different colors and patterns and are very original, but the classic Ziegler Farahan is the most famous and popular Ziegler rug. Other well-known representatives are Ziegler Chobi, Ziegler Bakhtiari, Ziegler Char and Ziegler Abrash. The styles are of different nature.

History of Ziegler carpets

Ziegler rugs are named after Philipp Ziegler, a Swiss merchant who was the first European to establish a rug weaving mill in ancient Persia in the late 19th century. He consciously adapted modern carpets to European tastes without abandoning Persian motifs and traditions. The success: Ziegler's wool carpets quickly became an international quality brand. Today's Sale Ziegler is no longer tied to its original workshop, but has retained its reputation and enthusiasm for modern decorative carpets. With a beautiful color scheme: beige as the main color and secondary colors such as red, blue and green, Ziegler's hand-woven rugs adorn any living space and blend in superbly with the surrounding decor. Designs and colors of Ziegler carpets
A classic Ziegler rug is decorated with large floral illustrations and usually has no real decoration but is the center where the design runs. Beige as the basic color, for borders or center pieces usually red, blue and rarely brown or green, suits the environment better than traditional oriental carpets.

Modern Ziegler carpets

Ziegler carpets with original and innovative patterns are currently very trendy. They are a complete reinterpretation of the original Persian pattern. The Ziegler Bakhtiar is a good example of how old patterns are combined in a new and modern way as a Ziegler. Traditional patterns of fields and gardens are reduced to essential elements to create a completely new carpet. All that remains of the original old Bakhtiar carpet are the checkerboard-like tiles in a uniform basic colour. The Ziegler Shaal is also based on old bait patterns that no longer exist today.

Ziegler carpets from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Ziegler carpets are no longer knotted in Iran because the company went bankrupt after the 1929 stock market crash. After the economic crisis of the following years, demand collapsed. Nevertheless, the carpet has already won many fans, and Ziegler carpets are also knotted in other countries. They relate to ancient knots and patterns. Above all, the weavers from Afghanistan and Pakistan are of particularly high quality. However, due to the ongoing civil war, many bricks from Afghanistan are marketed and sold through neighboring Pakistan. In some cases, the original provenance remains unknown. Indian Ziegler carpets differ only slightly from this.

What is a Ziegler Chobi?

A Ziegler with a beige base color may be referred to as a Ziegler Chobi, which is often taken as an indication of the difference in quality between Chobi and Farahan. However, this is wrong, because chobi means something like the color of the wood. For this reason, all high-quality Ziegler carpets are called Chobi in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Likewise, the addition Farahan refers to old patterns and not to the quality of Ziegler carpets.

Ziegler – quality oriental carpet

No other oriental rug offers such a variety of designs, color combinations and patterns and sets no limits to the ideas. Gorgeous pastel colors, a light pile and rustic structures are the only elements that Ziegler carpets have in common. Thanks to this variety, everyone will find something that suits them. Whether it's a rustic living room, a modern bedroom or a wintry hallway - everything with a subtle, elegant style gives the room a sophisticated touch.

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